About Us

The Association is a member affiliate of Basketball Victoria and is goverened by Basketball Victoria Country.

The Association was formed in 2017 as an incorporated Association after having been run by the Surf Coast Shire for many years.  We are currently responsible for the running of the Surfcoast domestic basketball competition, the Surfcoast Representative Squad basketball teams, and other junior development programs.

The Surfcoast Basketball Association is committed to providing the opportunity for local basketball players to be involved in competitions which are enjoyable, safe and welcoming to their participants and members. The Association also aims to provide basketball players, coaches, referees and volunteers with the opportunity to represent their Association throughout many tournaments and events state-wide.

Two seasons are held each year.  The summer season is run over Terms Four and Term One and the Winter season is run over Terms Two and Term Three.  Finals are held at the end of each season in March/April and September.

Competitions are available for senior players, who are able to enter a team in the Senior competion held on Monday night.  Junior competitions are also offered in all age groups.

We look forward to welcoming you onto the court as part of the local basketball community.


What is the history of basketball in Torquay?

Basketball in the Torquay regionhas for many years been facilitated by the Surf Coast Shire, and in that time, they have done a magnificent job of allowing everybody to participate in the sport.  However, through the population growth and the expansion of the community, it is now time for the greater basketball community to take control of the basketball competitionsbeing run in Torquay–with the full support of the Surf Coast Shire.

Why are we doing this?

The Surfcoast Basketball Association is a member affiliate of Basketball Victoria, the governing body for the sport state-wide, and therefore it is appropriate for them to facilitate the running of any basketball competitions in the region.The Shire for their part is very supportive and comfortable in handing over the competition to the Association, knowing it is fully backed and supported by basketball’s state governing body, Basketball Victoria.

What are the advantages?

Being amember of Basketball Victoria, the Surfcoast Basketball Association members will be exposed to a range of development opportunities and pathways, the like they have not seen in recent times. These pathways provide opportunities for players, referees, coaches and administrators to perform at different levels of our game. This includes the opportunity to play and perform at regional, state and national competitions.The Surfcoast Basketball Association also has a range of support mechanisms that it canavail. Things like: technical matters such as rules, policies and risk management, governance and legal matters, financial matters, tribunals, registration and database management, IT advice, insurances, government relations and facility development and design.

What support is on offer to the Association?

The Surfcoast Basketball Association has been very fortunate to have been offered considerable support from both the Surf Coast Shire and Basketball Victoria.The Shire has offered a considerable ‘start up assistance package’ for the Association which includes in the short term,the offer of some transitional staff hours to assist with the transformation to the Association based competition. We thank the Shire for this kind offer.Basketball Victoria has also assisted generously by providing an experienced competitions administrator, to allow us to hit the ground running for the 2019 Winter Season.Without this support, the Surfcoast Basketball Association may not have been able to advance this competition.

Why are we paying an Association Fee?

Fair question -one of the most obvious changes to the basketball scene will be the introduction of an Association Fee. This fee has never been charged by the Shire before, however as the Association now has to pay outgoings (in particular court hire costs), it now must somehow pay for that cost.The Association has tried to keep the playing fees and charges minimal, but we are sure that you understand the new and exciting climate we are about to enter comes at a cost;however,the benefits that it will bring will make the Association one to be very proud of.







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